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Filmore & Union is a Yorkshire-born chain of 10 Coffee shops and Cafes in locations including Wetherby, Beverley, Ilkley, Redbrick Mill (Batley) and Newcastle. It was founded by Adele Ashley in 2011 when she became frustrated at the lack of healthy food and drink options in local neighbourhoods. Filmore & Union was created to offer great quality coffee and drinks, healthy, seasonal and innovative food, in beautiful environments. We are now part of a family of specialty coffee shops, bakeries and cafes, where our brand and values will be preserved.
The name Filmore & Union comes from two streets in San Francisco where the inspiration for the brand comes from. Our dog friendly ‘neighbourhood’ cafes serve great coffee, breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and a wide range of drinks including freshly made juices and cocktails in a relaxed, cosy setting. As well as catering for meat-eating foodies who want hearty portions of natural, wholesome food, we are also known for offering exciting options for those with special dietary requirements including gluten free (we are Coeliac UK accredited), vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian and paleo. Our development chefs experiment with an eclectic range of wellness-inspired ingredients in Yorkshire sized dishes that bring local customers something new to try which they won’t find outside of big cities.
All our delicious cakes are handmade at our 100% gluten free bakery in Wetherby and our own blend of coffee is served by professionally trained baristas with natural flavours such as turmeric, beetroot and matcha to mix things up! Our freshly made juices, which are tailor made for different aspects of wellness, can be enjoyed with additional supplement shots, and our 3 and 5 day ‘Reboot’ ‘Glow’ and ‘Rest’ juice programmes can be ordered and picked up in store.
Each of our cafes retain an ‘independent’ feel and are embedded in their local communities and we are always looking for dynamic, enthusiastic people who share our passion for health and well-being to join our head office and store teams

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